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1. Taking a shit. You are the source of "food", and Demetri is the toilet. This is secretive way to communicate when you want too keep your bathroom use private.
Joshua : There are so many options in this food court, I'm thinkin we go with Panda Express.
Geoffrey : Dude, I'll be back shortly. I'm gonna go feed Demetri then I'll have room for some Beijing Beef.

Example 2
Sara : OMG Rach, those new Nacho Fries from Taco Bell were totally lit.
Rachel : Damn girl, Demetri will be eating well soon.

Example 3

Thomas (in bathroom) (in Russian accent) : EAT DEMETRI EEEEAAAAAT!!!!!

Nicole : What the fuck is he doing in there?

Henry : He's just feeding Demetri, Fireball and Hot Wings always do this to him.

Angie : Yea, the last time this happened, he had to perform Heimlich on Demetri, thankfully we had a plunger.
by BigBunny4482 February 23, 2018
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