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The unnatural and compulsive love of Roger Federer which drives a person to become a Fedophile.

Symptoms include:
- an uncontrollable urge to post the word GOAT on sports blogs
- incoherent rambling when faced with the fact that Federer has not won a Grand Slam in his professional career
- often displayed by the verbalized desire to give Mr Federer a jolly good Rogering
Prognosis: Untreatable, except by frontal lobotomy or electro-shock therapy.
Mirka: "I think Roger is the greatest tennis player ever!!"
Steffi: "You must be suffering from Fedophilia, Rod Laver's the only men's player in history to win TWO Grand Slams."
Andre: "Yeah babe, Roger hasn't even won one yet... she's a Fedophile for sure"
by RHOmea June 08, 2009
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