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When a person has been stentenced to a long prison term, they often feel the need to experiment (sexually) with one another. The term "federal sexual" is currently being used in federal institutions to justify/ explain inmates unusual sexual behaviours with each other. Only refers to Federal inmates, the rest are just plain gay.
Inmate 1: Yo man, I need to get my dick wet - bend over...NOW!!
Inmate 2: Forget that celly!!?? That's so gay!!
Inmate 1: Naw man, it aint gay, its "federal sexual" ;)
Inmate 2: NAW MAN......its gay......
Inmate 1: I'm not gay!!!......just my dick is......
Inmate 2: alright then (bends over and takes it like he likes it)
by TYSIMIMC October 05, 2012
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