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The act of taking wrinkled clothing, spraying it heavily with Febreze and running it through the dryer for five minutes (blow drying it in a pinch) instead of hauling out the ironing board and iron and doing a proper job. Also works when the clothes are not freshly washed.
I've got to be at work in an hour and my jacket looks like I slept in it, but a bit of Febreze ironing should take care of it.

Mmmmm, you smell good. Febreze iron your sweater this morning?
by BlooPenguin March 27, 2007
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to make ones clothes, usually dirty or emanating bad smells, appear as though they have been recently cleaned by spraying them with Febreze or rubbing them heavily with a dryer sheet. Usually due to the fact that there were not any clean clothes available or because the clothes have touched something smelly or the wearer hugged somebody who was especially putrid.
Stephanie was running late this morning so she did some Febreze ironing real quick before getting into her car.

I don't have time to clean my dress before going on my date- and it smells kind of funky... I need some Febreze, where'd you put it?
by Smatty November 18, 2007
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