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Feathercoin is an Internet currency not controlled by any central bank or institution

Feathercoin bypasses the old banking system by using peer-to-peer technology. Payments are borderless and can be processed by anyone with affordable computer hardware using free software. This work is rewarded with new Feathercoins which are issued by the network.

Payments are fast, global, and secure with near zero payment fees. Therefore merchants do not have to pass on the cost of business to you the customer, meaning you are able to enjoy spending less on the things you love.
A couple walk into a bar, order a round of drinks and the guy reaches for his wallet to pay but discovers he has let at home, calmly his girlfriend grabs her phone and asks the bartender do you accept feathercoin, to which the bartender says of course we do, the girl pays for the drinks using the feathercoin app on her phone.
by Feathercoindude January 11, 2014
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