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A phenomena of human anti-social behavior shown by crack cocaine addicts. Subconsciously, the addict purposely alienates their person from everyone else by the act of self-mutilation. While alone and under the influence, the person does this by looking into the mirror and picking at his/her face until bleeding occurs.

This type of behavior can be likened to the capture and traumatic displacing of a South American Scarlet Macaw. This is now an in country parrot that plucks its feathers out for seemingly no apparent reason at all.

However, stress and detachment, same as the need to be alone with their addicting drugs causes both the addict and bird a horrific disfigurement.
The doctor says to the crack-head, "Young lady, I'm going to suggest that you seek mental treatment; this is the worst case of Feather Plucker Syndrome I have ever seen!"

"There is only one thing worse in this world than a now reformed bible-toting whore: The fact that she used-to-be an opium addicted feather plucker as well!" Gravy111
by gravy111 November 19, 2010
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