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The most dank trickshotter in faze clan he smokes lots of kush and is part of mlg kush smokin squad.
FazeBooce smokes lots of kush.
by FazeBooceyBooce June 28, 2016
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Smokes dank, and makes bank by spanking noobs on COD. From the planet of Boocetopia, and hits such dank noscopes while he blazes 420 kush, and eats Dorito and Mountain Dew Cereal. He also occasionally takes over M3RKMUS1C's YouTube channel along with Braydon and Melvin.
β€œDid he just hit? Damn. That guy must be FaZe Booce!”
β€œIs that FaZe Booce? He just hit such a dank trickshot!”
by Micheal Rodik October 04, 2019
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