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1. The over-hyped residue of a Tsunami drastically reduced in effect. It usually hits an affluent area far away from the origin of the actual Tsunami, drawing undue attention away from the hardest hit areas. Residents of a fauxnami zone flock to the beaches to take video of what looks a ripple of a failed cannonball attempt on the other side of the community pool. Occasionally, residents get bushwhacked by the normal surf that comes after the fauxnami, and must be rescued and promptly given blankets.

2. Any Californian Tsunami south of Crescent City
I tried to get updates on the tsunami in Japan from Foz Newz, but all they had was ten minutes of a boat that went crooked in its slip in Santa Cruz from the Fauxnami that hit three hours ago.
by BraunBoots March 12, 2011
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