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a black person who is viewed as a white washed oreo by his black peers and is not found threatening by both races but views any race that uses any labels as ignorant. A peace maker of the black race.

* Has a job
* Finished School
* Can fight but never starts one
* Relates with many cultures
* Intelligent
* Proud of his culture and genetics
* Aware of the past but positive look towards the future.
* Always persecuted by both races
Famous Faux-reos

Will Smith
Alfonso Ribeiro
Steven Q.Urkel
Morgan Freeman
Martin Luther King Jr
Yeshuah (Jesus)
by Klark.Blak October 03, 2008
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A chocolate sandwich cookie (like an Oreo) that is not of the Oreo brand (like Hydrox or store brand cookies).
Most cookies 'n' cream ice cream is made with fauxreos because brand name Oreos are more expensive.
by scrauder December 23, 2005
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An imitation or generic version of an Oreo cookie such as hyrdox.
I hate it when mom gets cheap and buys fauxreos.
by Vassilia April 22, 2007
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An off-brand Oreo cookie, usually made by a large grocery store as a cheaper alternative.
Person 1: Hey, can you drive to the store and buy some Oreos for my party tonight?
Person 2: I don't have very much money on me, so I'll have to get fauxreos, is that okay?
Person 1: That's good with me.
by Some reputable source March 16, 2019
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