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Any one of a number of indy bands who, to compensate for the fact that they have no musical skill, ability, or talent, add the suffix "core" to the end of a random word to create a "new genre" that justifies their suckage. They can be found playing 20-band-shows for the other bands and their girlfriends and talking about how their "genre" is "misunderstood"

Antonym: Actual-core. See "Psyopus".
Frickin Faux-core bands
by learntoplayyourinstrument July 25, 2010
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Fauxcore /fau-kohr/ is an amalgam of the French word for fake or false, and the term hardcore, a word to describe to describe players who participate at the cutting edge of Raiding. Fauxcores are players who complain about 'welfare epics', raid finder, and other game modes that somehow make them seem (in their sad, silly little minds) less like a special snowflake, while lacking either the accomplishments of a true hardcore raider or is able to hide their lack of true skill in 25 man raiding. While the term fauxcore is about World of Warcraft players, it can be apllied to any MMORPG or any other game where an easier mode might superficially grant a similar gaming experience to someone who spend hours playing and are at the top.
Nizokang sure like to complain on the offical World of Warcraft forums about welfare epics and raid finder breaking the game, but he a fauxcore who has never seen the inside of a heroic raid.
by Nikolatesla June 07, 2013
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