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Faunoiphilia, also called zoophilic voyeurism, is a type of paraphilia. It is sexual arousal from watching animals copulate.

Arousal from faunoiphilia may be intensified if the animals mating are different in size, age, species, or a combination of the three. It may also be intensified if the sexual organs of one or both animals can be seen. Animals of faunoiphilia interest include, but are not limited to horses, dogs, dolphins, and various rodents.
A person involved with faunoiphilia may:
or may not be involved in bestiality,
have little or no interest in human sexuality,
purchase animals from pet stores or breeders for the sole, purpose of watching them mate,
write stories about animals mating,
draw pictures of animals mating,
masturbate while watching or thinking about animals mating,
take photographs of animals mating,
download pictures of animals mating from the internet...
by Faunoiphiliac September 09, 2010
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