A guy whose nickname is “Faucher” is one who likes to go out and have a good time; he is often ending up in the back of a cop car or running into his own garage though when he has a little TOO much fun. Faucher’s are usually introverts who like to eat bland, kid-like food. They try to be funny and insult you but you don’t ever take it seriously. They make little white lies that are known as “Faucher Lies.” They aren’t true but they make him feel a little better.
Overall, Faucher is decent.
Faucher is always forgetting to pay his tab.
by Applejub July 6, 2022
Stupid face poopy head smelly toe jelly pineapple orange house straw cap pizza cat man cow book read type letter mistake spell orange twice again overall double now and then how now brown cow cant hold a bucket over his potato and jump for the yes please bless you God is real and Jesus loves you guitar apple
Conner Faucher is dumb. At least God loves me.
by Paul Adam Phil Habib January 18, 2014