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Code name for the biggest bitch on the planet. She's fat, drunk, ugly, tacky, and loud, but (in her own words) thinks she's "pretty damn hot," she's extremely rude and embarassing to people she calls her friends, but at the same time she pretends to be nice to people she really doesn't like. She's also white trash. She'll make friends with people for a week at a time trying to either fit in or appear open-minded. When they get sick of her shit, she'll completely ignore them and insult anything these people are interested in(basketball, anime, etc.). She's also a paranoid, pathological liar. She screws many many boys on the first date, without a condom, and has syphils and clamidia, along with other STDs and a very loose vagina. She's also racist and ignorant. She's also got a Fatty McFatBitch mom.
See also: Trifling, Heifer, Skank, Skankface
Fatty McSkankface got so drunk that she shat her pants.
Fatty McSkankface thinks that only straight people get AIDS.
Fatty McSkankface's secret identity is Jessica Lancaster.
Fatty McSkankFace is a cum dumpster.
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