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A rather obese individual, whom is dangerously susceptible to have persistent cravings for indeed, one of the many heart-clogging sandwiches made at McDonalds restaurants, labeled as "The McChicken."
This particular sandwich consists of a deep-fried chicken breast, cooked to non-perfection most of the time, lettuce, and knock off mayonnaise; served on a plain white bun.
Now many of you may ask,"Where did this word/ genius idea come from?!" It's simple really...
You see, there is this agreeably magical plant that can make those of your imaginations/dumbass-abilities broaden, if ingested. (if you do not catch onto this, please refer to Marijuana) This particular language innovating word has once come across my inner thoughts at a local McDonalds; Urging me to use this given noun as an attention getter, meanwhile verbally attacking a present friend; hoping for laughter to overcome the setting, I say it. He, and several surrounding customers enjoying their meals looked at me in an intriguingly baffled/awkward manner, followed by uncontrollable laughter, causing my already victimized associate, Max, to choke on his food abruptly due to laughing.
None of these Names were actual; These names were altered for the assurance of this posting to remain.

Luke Richards: Max Coran, I do reckon yous a Fatty McChicken. MMMMM HMMMM!!

Max(Fatty): *choking*
by Randall Watson December 14, 2009
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