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Less vulgar and more entertaining term for "Mother Fucker";
instead of Fother Mucker, "Father" is used to confuse the listener.

See also: "Nucking Futs" Same methodology used.
<Shinosuke> It's "Pronunciation", not "PronOunciation"...
<Shinosuke> You stupid Father Mucker!
* Shinosuke grins and acts all smart and mighty.
by Shinosuke May 12, 2004
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Expletive describing religious fundamentalists and/or literalists who espouse the alleged teachings of prophets or deities of one of the paternalistic religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, and who promote the adoption of such alleged teachings into laws regulating personal and social freedoms. Fathermuckers include parties as diverse as those who propose teaching Creationism as science and those who promote blowing oneself up in a crowd in order to please their deity/prophet.
So, let's just NOOK the FATHERMUCKERS!
by Michael Gannett February 13, 2006
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