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A father Marshall is an intellectual species that has a human like body. It's extremely long arms and lank fingers can be devastatingly painful if touched upon by. A father Marshall, much like a burrows the death stalker or spronkledoodle cannot be seen and can hide under any innocent body. When asleep, the Father Marshall (much like freddy Kruger) can appear out of nowhere and kill you in an instance. Saying his name will summon you to him.
Man 2: Dude, are you insane. Father Marshall is going to come for us now. Oh crap, now he's coming for me.

Man 1: Haha, do you actually believe in that stupid stuff?
Man 2: Yea-....Uh.. Dude?
Man 1: Yeah?
Man 2: look behind you..
by Pewpew boom boom May 08, 2018
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