THE most dignified gangster outside of Detroit.
A true humanitarian; he shits rainbows, squats in alleys & pisses high octane fuel straight out of his baby strangler, into a flask to force feed the homeless brunch. Dreamweaver will have you thinking it's make-believe magic, but this is the real Canadian deal.
You will fall in love at first sight and will probably spend up to 13% of your youth trying to choke down the irreparable damage your ego will suffer by simply being in his presence for longer then 11-15 seconds.

A true blue musical Frankenstein & a real son of a gun.
If you are lucky enough to find Fat Rob, you should carry him proudly in your front middle pocket for life.
there can be no example, nor re-creation. Fat Rob is as much as Fat Rob isn't.
by R.D.K. February 10, 2010
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the name of a very fat, felching homosexual guy named rob
(also see huggie bear)
by Mike December 25, 2004
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