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This is a syndrome seen amongst men who wear their ties with overly large, exaggerated fat knots. Often, the ties these men are found to be wearing can be seen in colours such as pink and lavender; and patterns such as multi-coloured stripes, dots and paisleys.

Men who fall prey to this syndrome typically work for private financial organisations, investment banks; and consultancies.

These men display an arrogant, superior air. There is much false confidence shown. At times it can also be observed there is a direct correlation between the width of the knot and the amount of arrogance present.

Many of these men suffered financially in the recent global financial crisis. Organisations such as Babcock and Brown and Macquarie Group, two companies that employ many men with fat knot syndrome, have seen their share prices fall dramatically.

It is not uncommon for men who have fat knot syndrome to simultaneously suffer from small penis syndrome and/or short man syndrome. When more than one syndrome is present this is of distinct dislike amongst the female population.
That guy from Accenture is suffering from a major case of fat knot syndrome.

by alisonv November 27, 2008
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