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(noun) A fat cody is someone who has the same name as another, but is 3 times his fucking size. When the smaller name barrer is riding his bike up a hill, the other is pushing his. And instead of needing a cup of water after riding( pushing in the fat cody's case), the fat cody needs 5 water bottles, and maybe a jar of mayonaise he keeps in his bag that he carries. When someone calls the name of the two name carriers, both turn, but then the fat cody realizes he is not the one they want, its the smaller, more fit name barrer that everyone wants to talk to.
Jerry: Hey Dave!
Dave (and the much larger Dave standing within a 5 foot radius): Yeah?
Jerry: No you smaller Dave, get over here.
(Larger Dave leaves feeling confused and unwanted)
Jerry: Did you see that guy standing next to you?
Dave: Yeah he is such a fat cody.
by Gold Hunter November 06, 2011
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