1.n. A large heavenly body, with common tendancy to set his alarm clock to 9:59pm. This has been clinically attributed to the fact that Applebees begins serving half off appetizers at a coinciding time. Often mistaken for a Sasquatch or the Elmer's Glue Cow. Often mistakes himself for a bodybuilder.

2.n. A fat, living, breathing stress ball.

3. n. An univited houseguest, who makes it a point to destroy one inanimate object of great value to the homeowner.

4. n. The Phobia commonly found amoung Buffet owners.

5. n. Belongs to a frat, not a fraternity.

6. v. To be an idiot.
~Yo son, can you give me a ride to the club tonight?
~Nah bro, I'm takin Fat C.
~I thought you had a minivan.
~I do.
~Truth nigga.

by Brothers of Theta Gamma December 30, 2005
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