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Anthony Watkins, a rapper from Kansas City, Missouri. His music sounds like Dirty South and usually uses a really slow, evil sounding beat.

He's best known for the controversial series of killings that happened in 2004 and 2005.

It's widely believed that he killed Andre Hicks (Mac Dre) in 2004 when he pulled up in a vehicle alongside Dre's and shot unloaded on him, in a Tupac style murder.

The following year Fat Tone was supposedly murdered as revenge for Mac Dre's murder, by Andre Dow (Mac Minister). It is said that Tone's body was brought to Las Vegas, left there, and the vehicle was taken somewhere else to be burned.

Mac Minister had a stint on America's Most Wanted for this but was caught after 10 months and is now serving a life sentence without a possibility parole.

Right after Tone's murder, there was a huge spike in killings and robberies in KC. Tone's aunt was killed.
Jill: How did Mac Dre die?

Bill: Some rapper from Kansas City called Fat Tone killed him.

Jill: Who? Let's kill him!

Bill: That's played out.
by contagion; March 26, 2009
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A fat retarded mf named Fat Retarded Tone or FRT for short. Usually smells like hot butt and bong water. Sometimes you can catch him in his busted ass 300 or wit his bum ass friend Fat Stanky Retarded Piece of Shit Big Show
“That dumb mf Fat Retarded Tone shit his pants again”
“Man this nigga Fat Retarded Tone smell like hot booty”
by luhcheq March 6, 2018
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