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A “Fat Tip Nigga” means BBC, as in a big black cock, but instead of it being a BBC it’s just a Fat tip on the dick. It’s mostly huge around the tip of the penis. But basic white bitches will like a Fat Tip Nigga due to them only liking black niggas. But going back to the Fat Tip, it dosent change the outcome if it of these sorts, Crusty, Hard, Soft, Thicccc, Humongous, or even Musty.
(Basic White Bitch)- OMG, shalissa guess what!

(Shalissa)- What??

(Basic White Bitch)- I just saw the biggest fucking nigga tip EVER!!

(Shalissa)- really??, how did it feel?

(Basic White Bitch)- well I mean I kinda hurt and it looked ugly, but on the bright side he had a great Fat Tip Nigga
by BootySucker18000.19 ILikeAss August 28, 2019
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