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I female who battens down the hatches, lets say, and looks phenomenal out at the club, bar, random frat jungle party, etc. Only, when you take said female home with you and her clothes are removed you are finally introduced to all the fat she smuggled in with her to one of the previously described locations.

Basically it's chicks that look good in clothes and that's about it.
"Dude I heard you went home with Tina last night. She is banging."

"Dude, not really..."

"What are you talking about, she looked so good in those true religion jeans and that baby tee..."

"Dude when we got back to my place...let's just say I was in for a surprise."

"Oh no, she's a fat smuggler."

"Dude, total fat smuggler..."

by m3plus4 May 14, 2009
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