A Fat Ergo is the description to one's performance on an ergo. The description is only given if proof that the participant can hold <1:30/500m (less than 1:30 per 500 metres) for an infinite timeframe. In tradition, one given the description of 'Fat Ergo' once made a personal record (pr) must celebrate with Mc Dank's (McDonald's).

Opposite to a Fat Ergo is a Skinny Ergo. This is given to all individuals unable to hold <1:30/500m. Skinny Ergos tend to avoid ergo tests and prefer rowing on water. Skinny Ergos are scum to Fat Ergos, and Fat Ergos prefer not to involve themselves with them. Due to this action, Skinny Ergos are banished to Burger King and will be voilently assaulted when seen at Mc Danks.
Bruce: what'd you get on your 5x 500k ergo test?
Sam: averaging 0:56.3 I hit those pr's!
Bruce: dam that's a Fat Ergo! I'll see you at Mc Danks
by IRipFatErgos May 20, 2017
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