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Fat girl/chick mentality relates to a state of mind that a fat girl, no matter how skinny or fit or hot she may become later, cannot fully rid herself of the characteristics and outlook on life uniquely possessed by those chicks that are fat. This state of mind includes the need for unnecessary though drama calculatingly disseminated, loudly, to all 36 of their "best friends" in order to gain attention, perpetual and continual low self-esteem, spells of crying, self-centeredness with regard to their problems, and an emotionally fragile though hard-headed view of the world around them.
Homeboy, i banged this really hot chick last night, but as i was leaving her place i saw a picture of her from highschool where she weighed 300 lbs, which explains her need to call all 36 of her "best friends" at 1 am in order to ask for their advice on having me over. She clearly is maintaining the fat chick mentality.
by obiwannablowme October 13, 2016
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
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An attractive girl who is incredibly cool and chill. You have a great time with them. This phenomenon is strange considering most hot girls are stuck up and annoying while most "fat" girls are nice and fun to hang out with.
Wow Betty is so hot and cool it's almost as if she has a fat chick mentality.
by stnzmn90 October 22, 2007
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