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A vile creature. He is bald and full of buttery chub lard. He is currently fat and living around the Southeast Los Angeles area, specifially Whittier, California. He also has a shotgun wound to the forehead because someone once mistaked him for a zombie. He (or it) lurks in high schools and abandoned houses where asians clean constantly. His call can be heard miles away. His most heard one being, "FCD is here" FCD is the short way to see it. He is very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. If you call his name he will manifest as an inanimate object and do things to you that are far beyond inhumane. He usually envelops you with his fat or wraps his soggy nipples around you. I personally have spotted him along with my friends. Please be careful. FCD is all too real. Clingy. that is all.
*large bang in the basement and weird noises*
Jim: What the hell was that Steve?
Steve: Oh no, oh no!
Jim: What dude what's wrong?
Steve: Fat Cancer Dog is here! we gotta get outta here!
FCD: Clingyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >;)
*the two boys die horribly*
by ClingySantiago! August 24, 2011
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