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1. The period between sunset and sunrise, especially the hours of darkness when the boys collaborate together and designate the night as a mission night:

a. To find the absolute fattest girl;
b. To convince her to accompany them home; and,
c. To fuck her ass like she has never been fucked before.

Once the evening is over, the boys get together and compare their notes, the one within the group who has banged the fattest girl wins the mission.

2. A time or condition marked or designated by the fellas for the mission of banging the fattest
whale in sight, marked by her ginormous ankles.

3. Of or relating to the Fat Ankle Night: the Fat Ankle Night's weighty bar tab.

4. This period set aside for a specific purpose: Fellas' Fat Ankle Night at the bar.
Josh Perdue was a regular winner of the fella's Fat Ankle Night, as he was used to banging fat chicks anyway.
by the BEAVE February 14, 2005
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