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An increasingly annoying nuisance plagueing instagram with constant videos of blatant false advertising and dreadful acting .
Fashionnova should always be reported as spam.
by Imthatguy912 January 31, 2018
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A clothing brand typically worn by instathots and used in thirst traps.
“OMG I love this Fashion Nova hoodie!”

Stfu, Karen, I can literally see your entire ass”
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by Facts>>>feelings February 15, 2019
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The leader of ultra-fast fashion. Pioneer of affordable, trendy & stylish clothing, shoes & accessories. Home of the NovaBabe. Collaborator with Cardi B. Frequent rap reference. Instagram powerhouse.
I’m his favorite type of chick:
Boujee, bad, and thick.
I could buy designer,

but this Fashion Nova fit (all that a$$)
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by emalonez May 24, 2018
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