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A fartwraith is similar to a fart ghost, though far more dreadful. While a fart ghost would linger in a room like a group of scene kids behind the local 7/11, a fartwraith is birthed like a mammal from the ass and permeates the fabric of your underwear and pants. These babies set up camp for the long haul. Fartwraiths could even persist after a run through the washer and dryer. You'll be hard-pressed to believe it wasn't a shart. Your best bets are to either bleach your cursed linens, or empty an entire can of Lysol into the ground zero anal regions.

Can also be used as a generic, vulgar epithet which is typically applied to persons who are lazy, daft, and/or bootlickers.
Friend: "Dude... do you smell that?"
Victim: "Yeah. That's me."
Friend: "Warn me before you let one rip, man!"
Victim: "This is my fartwraith from 5 days ago..."
Friend: "Jumpin' Jesus..."

"bring a friend and observe in horror as they transform into a mindless challenge run suggesting, meme spouting fartwraith who never actually completes the game"
by Pooblast September 04, 2015
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