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The Fart Bong Soup is a portable and purified version of the tried and true 'Cup of Soup'.

A 'Cup of Soup' can be defined simply as:

-Cupping ones hand as close and as tight to ones anus allowing the rectum to dilate and release a very quiet and extremely noxious gas. This process it then followed immediately by containment of the gas within the vessel or hand used.

The desired effect or 'Cup of Soup' is achieved when one releases the noxious gas in another persons face.

The Fart Bong Soup is perfected in the shower of ones home.

With your back towards a running shower, cup your hand tightly around your anus allowing the water to 'pool' in the 'cup' created. Now, relax and allow the fart to be born into water. The sound created will be very 'bassy', dense and loud with the quality of fart being pure and likened to death.

Once mastered, the Fart Bong Soup can be achieved in many places with only the assistance of a small bottle of water. Fart Bong Soup is best savoured for your girlfriend/wife in the shower or as a party trick.
Scene- Shower

Wife: Shane, what the fuck are you doing?

Shane: Shut the fuck up bitch, your in for the special fart bong soup. Here is one I prepared earlier!!

Wife: OH, Don't you go there!!!

Shane: 'BWAAAAP' hehehe

Wife: 'thud'

Shane: hehehehehe
by Ball'n'stuff May 13, 2010
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