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Someone who cry's wolf about farting
Fart , let them know you farted

Then also, say you farted when you didnt

Eventually they find out

Then never know if you really farted or not

Fart when something important is being done

When driving roll the windows up ... lock them

Lie about farting best when they ask about the windows being locked or to unlock them ...

Does your window work... thats because i farted and locked them

Then admit you didnt really fart

Keep doing it ... and then when you really fart ... and they dont believe you and smell it

Best to maintain a fart wolf ratio so when you really do fart in a certain situation, they "arent falling for it" and your then an official fart wolf

safe for work and everywhere

except in front of someone who workouts alot or is possibly having a bad day...

Dont fart wolf in front of strangers who may get really upset
by SoapySardines aka Dorian June 27, 2018
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