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A medium sized city located near the 4 corners. This city is known for its large natural gas fields, the connie mack world series, and a large population of natives and mormons. People who live here generally have a bad attitude and drive lifted diesel trucks that they think are race cars. You can find many flat billed monster hats, white framed sunglasses, and other dudebra apparel here. Many people in farmington live under the false impression that they are big city folk, when in reality they are rednecks pretending they are from california. Nicknames for this town include: failtown, f town, and fml town. Luckily for the rest of the US, most people who live there, end up staying there forever. There is always big talk of moving to large cities, but in reality, no one ever leaves. This helps to keep crappy 6 year old fashion trends from spreading out across the US again.
Yeah, that guy is definitely from Farmington, NM
by philyo February 17, 2011
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