A film made by Michael Moore that insists that 9/11 was more of Bush's fault then the actual terrorists'. I personally think that Bush was incompetent as a president but i find it hard to believe that he directly caused one of the most horrible events in American history. The film is just another way for Michael Moore make republicans and conservatives to freak the fuck out and get more hippies, oops, liberals to follow his mindset.
Michael Moore fan: Hey have you seen that movie Farenheit 9/11? It revealed how Bush really had 9/11 happen and that all republicans are evil!

Regular person: Uh..no..Osama Bin Laden attacked us, plus not all Republicans are evil..

Michael Moore Fan: Whatever you facist corportaion racist, you're wrong and I'm right!
by Monsters Ate My Condo! December 30, 2011
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