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Someone who consecutively selects multiple players at one key position in fantasy league drafts, most often in the earlier rounds when the best players are still available. This leaves the remaining choices at that position extremely sparse for the other people participating in said draft.

In most cases the Fantasy Hoarder syndrome is a mental condition much like regular Hoarding is and can rarely be helped. Also, the actions of a Fantasy Hoarder are extremely self-destructive and as such, trying to recreate/carry-out such actions is not advisable. The Fantasy Hoarder usually has one very strong position on their depth chart and their other positions are fairly weak.

The Fantasy Hoarder will then realize the error of his/her ways as a normal drafter selects one good player from each position while theyโ€™re available, resulting in a fairly equally rounded out roster.

The Fantasy Hoarder will then pester someone with a more balanced roster to trade for positions that the hoarder missed out on. The only way to counter the actions of a Fantasy Hoarder is that of Trade Bait.
Guy 3: I still don't think my receivers are good enough.
Guy 4: Dude, you got Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson. You should focus on your running game. The only decent back you have is Jamaal Charles.
Guy 3: Whatever, I'm going to take Miles Austin.
Guy 4: Classic Fantasy Hoarder behavior. Dude you're going to go 3-11 at best. You need help.
Guy 3: Says you.
by Baron6489 March 12, 2011
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