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An aincent being from a time before the internet was clogged up with retard memes. An infamous bard on an Everquest server.

In the game, once you get past level 5 you can be killed and looted by anyone, and this was a 'no rules' server. Bards had a skill that made them run faster than everyone else and Fansy used this to his advantage. He attracted Sand Giants, a hugely powerful enemy with equal speed and had them follow him throughout the world purging the crust of sin. You'll get a better description if you just fucking google search it. It's the top page which has actual quotes from the legend.
I used to be Fansy the Famous Bard's friend, but I haven't heard from him for over 10 years. He's most likely moved on.. Fansy, if you read this remember me!
by Douchebag82 November 28, 2011
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