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Someone proclaiming to be straight, but shows multiple signs of being homosexual. Signs include, but are not limited to: Touching of the genitalia, dry humping, proclaiming that other guys are hott (then immediately saying they're not gay), and unusual physical and emotional attachment to the fanny buffer's straight male friends, rather than a spouse or lover. Derived from the words Fanny, regarding the anus loving nature of the Fanny Buffer, and Buffer, regarding the futile attempt to show one is not homosexual, although "all signs point to yes".
Tim: Dude, why does Sage keep touching you inappropriately in the scrotum? I thought he said he was straight?
James: He's a Fanny Buffer. I don't care if he's gay but he'd better come out of the closet soon...He's not fooling anyone.
by Acer Adquireo June 08, 2009
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