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A simple instument that only involves 1 female body. The player of the "fanny Flute" blows into the vag, and covers various orifices to obtain different notes.

They are ususally a main event festivals such as ever popular vag venues and cunt contests, that take place annually in most large European Cities.

A player of the "Fanny Flute" is commonly known as a "Fanny Flauntist".

Other related instruments include the pussy pipes etc

A very good performence not only needs a talented player, but also a well-tuned and appropriate female partner.

The women may also experience an orgasm during play, which some people say adds a extra dimension to the performance.
Omg!, that fanny flute solo that Tristan performed at the London vagi vag venue blew my mind! He's so talented, how'd he cover so many holes at once!
by Cummy the Cum Master July 19, 2008
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