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A person who is perfect at everything that they do. They also do these things without hesitation, and with an air of effortless grace. Synonymous with the popular term "Mr. Perfect", a Fang Ren Low is even perfect in their imperfections, often evoking awe and astonishment from those around them.

Characteristics to look for in a Fang Ren Low are the token Fang Ren Low smile (photogenic in every single photograph ever taken), incomprehensible degrees of adorableness, kindness, warmth, and friendliness. A Fang Ren Low also has such a distinct and highly developed sense of humour that those around them often struggle to keep up.
"Wow! That guy is so perfect for you, he might almost be your Fang Ren Low!"
by Dead Rat January 10, 2013
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