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If one needs to verbally describe a Dethklok concert, the best word to use is "Fanfuckingawesometastic." It is combining the words "fantastic" with "fucking", "awesome" and "fanfuckingtastic", which is super sweet.

Fanfuckingawesometastic maybe applied to other events or people which is equal to Dethklok concert, but this is unlikely because a Dethklok concert is that ubersweet.
My friend: How was Dethklok?
Me: Dude, it was fanfuckingawesometastic! :D There are no other words to describe it.
Fanfuckingawesometastic... I do believe I have to submit a entry of this word on urbandictionary.*

*actual I.M. conversation.
by belegarthbruder November 15, 2007
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