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When 2 fanboys engage in a 1 on 1 fanboy deathmatch. This can be done in verbal or written statements. Posted on forums, blogs, and presented in video format. Rarely in person. The objective is to prove the other wrong. By pure intellect, wit, or slander. Most of the time it turns more towards the final tool. When done correctly can be insightful. Overall it's a pop culture Nigga Moment. Just like patty cake it's a simple and childish!
A series of video responses, comments on forums, blogs, and community threads. Between 2 people with opposing opinions on pop culture content. That continues until one side gives up. Or the quality reaches a low point. Where the audience lose interest. After posting a negative comment to my post. Mario and Sonic entered a Fanboy Pattycake much over comics.
by TheWon May 21, 2010
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