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The evolved form of Fanboy Pattycake. When a public disagreement between two fanboys. Gains a huge audience. That either participate, instigate, or just keeps track of the situation. Due to the overall level of entertainment. This is either done. When the two opponents use high levels of intellect, wit, or slander in their argument. To gain the upper hand in the dispute. The results spread like wild fire. Where entire communities are now involved. This can come to a sudden stop. Once some one steps on the rope or can't continue at that high level.

See Fanboy Pattycake.
Man those 2 been going at it for weeks. I can't stop watching the Fanboy DoubleDutch match. Everytime he responses he take it to the next level. I wonder what he plans to do next.
by TheWon May 21, 2010
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