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Seeing fanbait is quite common on popular internet sites like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook & YouTube. Fanbait is content that exists purely to appeal to, excite or anger a particular fanbase of a pop-culture phenomenon. Popular fanbases that often get targeted by fanbait are fans of the Twilight, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek or other similar series. Fanbaiting is different from trolling in that it isn't always negative, it's also different from linkbait in that it's a more nuanced and focused form of that practice.

Fanbait can come in many forms, including (but not limited to): doctored images with captions in a big font, animated gifs, youtube parodies and/or reenactments, baked good homages, online quizzes (What X Character Are You?), quote spam, and much, much more.
I'm using fanbait to get all those Twilight fans to buy my new comic, so I'm making every character in it a werewolf.

Cynthia's cupcake rendition of Hogwarts was the most delicious piece of fanbait I've ever eaten.
by MC Air Jordan August 01, 2011
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