The loudest most annoying time to be arround your family where you try to avoid the actual gathering, an introvert's kryptonite where your family wants you to be together no matter what you say...
Grandma: whats wrong with you?
Me: I don't like family gatherings
Grandma: still tries to get me closer to evrebody even though I told her that thats the thing I don't like.
by Cats > dogs April 21, 2019
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An event where you have to interact with your weird cousins, where you're grandma still doesn't get that your aunt is dating ''friend'' Claire and when they disappear to another room they ain't knitting, and you're Uncle Terry likes to get drunk and tell you how the Royal Family are Reptilians and 9/11 was an inside job.
Michel: Hey Will, wanna come over this weekend?
Will: Sorry, can't, I have to go to a family gathering
Michel: OK, how many tabs are you gonna need?
Will: Twelve
by Agent Scullu November 30, 2022
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