The act of making a reference to the comedy show Family Guy by alluding to one of its various jokes in a particular episode.

They are mostly done in internet chats but can also be employed in real-life conversations.
"Yeah, and it was like this: when I first saw her.."
"mhm hm-mh.."
"She was totally horny for m.."
"hm-hmm mhhm.."
"and then suddenly.."
"hmm hmhm mh-hm mhh"
"she really came towards me an.."
"hm-hm hmm mhmm hmm"
"mhm... hmhm mhh hmhmm"
"you're not taking me seriously, do you?"
"mhh hmhm... mhhm hmhmm...."

(Family Guy reference to Gumble2Gumble interrogation scene, suitable for teasing people who haven't deserved any better)
by BulligerVerstand December 1, 2007
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