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The feeling one gets when they see something on social media (usually Twitter or Facebook) that may be interpreted as racist, sexist, transphobic, etc that resembles anger but ultimately they don't really care. They are usually Social Justice Warriors who just wanna promote their own social media accounts by pretending to be outraged.

False rage also needs no evidence or reason. Any statements or actions that have nothing to do with any social or racial group can be interpreted that way to the minds of people that are clouded with delusional thoughts and over-sensitive feelings.
I am sure that all these outraged people on Twitter are just SJWs who don't really care about what was said or done, just reacting to get views and maintain that "holier than thou" attitude they possess. They prefer to ruin people's lives and then not care 15 minutes later. Their false rage disgusts me.
by Octavius86 December 10, 2019
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