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A False Face is a metaphor for a type of behavior that occurs when a person presents him or herself in one sort of identity, but then when the plot unfolds he or she shows another face (esp. during an action that that is offensive to you).

People with a False Face usually never admit to their inconsistent, hypocritical behavior. They use their False Faces to get what they want and at times of extreme disregard to any life outside their own (a form of extreme individualism). Usually, their False Faces are discovered in a climatic occasion when they use another face to benefit them during that occasion, which will leave the unraveler in extreme fuck you mode.

A person with a False Face should never be respected.

Synonym: Two-Faced, False Consensus, Multiple Personality Disorder

Differs from Two-Faced by how a False Face does not necessarily constitute opposite faces.

The worst sort of False Face is when a person that is your friend turns out to be actually your enemy.
She showed herself as a honest girl who didn't play games. Until the plot thickened and her False Face was unraveled. He was shocked to have know that all this time he had been played by a girl who just cared for herself.
by TruthBeToldRiteNow January 22, 2010
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A false face is a motha fucka who lies all the time and sometimes doesn't even know it, but you can see it in their face.
"So, the other day Dr. Sharp showed up to Calculus class and was starring at me the whole time and I was like telling Dr. Crist to tell him to stop looking so Dr. Crist said... "Dr. Sharp... please take a look at FALSE FACE'S vaginal area!"
by Queen Kernal July 10, 2008
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