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One of the BEST barrel racers of ALL TIME!!! She won the huston Texas rodeo of 1997 at the age of 14!! She does vlogs on her YouTube channel, and is overall one of my IDOLS!! Her most well known barrel horse, is Babyflo, who was released as a Bryer (model horse) in 2015. When the model was released, many people thought Babyflo's scar below her ear was a paint chip, so many buyers called in. Taylor became 7-time NFR qualifier in the 2014 world championship. Taylor grew up in Tampa Florida, but moved to Texas when she was 6.
Kasey: I LOVE Fallon Taylor!! She is my IDOL

Leslie: OMG!! ME TOO!!
Kasey: I'm gonna be just like her!!

Leslie: dude, you haven't even had your first barrel lesson yet!
by Lil Pouch July 15, 2018
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