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When someone gets onto Urban Dictionary, at different times, or under different I.P.'s and screenames and constantly votes their senseless, and most often least relevant definition to the top. They're EVERYWHERE on here. Or a person in general you know or meet who is a "story-teller", and while your tellings it "how it is", they're more or less, telling it how it MIGHT many do you know??
(Their definition: Couch: when you hurt yourself and put a giant C in front of it.... (obviously b.s. right?)
Real Definition: Couch: A piece of furniture, sometimes coming in sections used to sit on, placed inside a home or businesses.
See the difference?
Lets weed out the fakes..
The aforemention above the real definition is our culprit: the Fakeionist.
by Doug Martin September 08, 2007
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