Once upon a time there was a holiday called St. Patrick's Day that everyone wanted to celebrate by drinking green beer and singing that song that says, "Oh baby you...got what I neeed!" It was a lot of fun until the government and college officials got together in a conspiracy to strip college students at KState of any possible fun they might have. They decided to make Spring Break happen at the same time as St. Patrick's Day, thus condensing two fun times into one and student's were like "nooo! not fair!" So they got together with the Aggieville peeps and said, "lets make our own FAKE holiday that will be tight so we can have two fun times again!" Then they made Fake Patty's Day and everyone bought shirts to wear from THREAD Hot and Fresh T-Shirts made to order! Now it's like the biggest holiday in the world and people come from Russia and Australia just to take part in the ritualistic beer drinking and dance-offs with officials trying to stop Fake Patty's from happening.

The end.

Ps. Popular mythology claims that on the day of Fake Patty's Day, every rainbow in the world ends in Manhattan Kansas.
I know, I got a Fake Patty's Day from that t-shirt place, and then I threw up in it!
by _______funfunfunfun_________ January 19, 2011
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Like St. Patrick's Day, only a week earlier. Located in Aggieville, it was started by Kansas State University students who wanted to celebrate together in Manhattan, Kansas before spring break when everyone will be gone.
Hey, tomorrow is Fake Patty's Day.

I know, let's get faked up!
by ringman42 January 20, 2011
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