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Money is power and so is knowledge. Fate is the difference in how you live and what you believe. Faith is the difference in the same aspect except to the fallowing the truth.
Faith vs. Fate the definition is the relationship between beliefs and known belief. Faith is belief and Fate is known belief. The basic of survivial . In other words get it how you live .... Faith means to have direction . Fate is selfish selflessness. For example I did it ..know one help me but, me. I got here own my own. I got mines now you get yours, foot on your neck. Faith the very moment you are made to feel helpless when in you are courages, faith is being the you can be not not seeing yourself as better then everyone Elsa a part of a positive sulotion with one another. Faith embracing prayer recieve also to return in the same manner of love.
by Reba Kay Pilot October 30, 2016
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